InVu Aesthetics

You want a beautiful smile, but you don’t want metal braces to steal your spotlight. Maybe you’ve even thought about clear aligner therapy – but many patients don’t qualify for this kind of treatment. In fact, clear aligners are best suited for minor cosmetic adjustments only.

AestheticsInVu ceramic brackets offer the perfect combination of high performance and superior aesthetics. When you choose InVu, you get braces that work and look great. Not only that, but you can be sure that everyone’s attention will be on you, not your braces.

InVu braces are specially designed to blend naturally with the color of your teeth. By adding tooth-colored arch-wires, your braces will be virtually invisible.

For these reasons, InVu is quickly becoming the most popular alternative to traditional metal braces.

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Watch our quick video highlighting the features of InVu Aesthetic Braces.


InVu features our exlusive Personalized Color- Matching Technology® that makes them virtually invisible.


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